Our centre is dedicated to honoring the life and work of Dr. Reeta Peshawaria - Menon, and we strive to maintain the standard of perfection and dedication for which she was well-known. RPCAABAS aims to provide empathetic services to individuals with autism, their families, and the community, facilitating the different abilities to blossom in a manner that will improve their quality of life, enabling the individual to be a contributor to the community, and leading the way for the community to embrace the individual as an equal.


The mission of RPCAABAS is:

To provide services to individuals with autism, to provide support to their families, and to provide services to the community in which they live, by identifying individuals with autism through specialized assessment and consultation.

To provide services that are sensitive to the needs of our clients, to provide services that are individualised, to provide services that are effective, and efficiently meet the client's goals by using evidence based practices.

To create an awareness in both the individual and the community on their shared values and goals by providing professional trainings, individualised treatment services, and family support groups. To improve the quality of life of the individual by teaching new and necessary skills.

To support schools for implementing INCLUSIVE EDUCATION


Specialized Screening and Assessment

Child Specific Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) / Intensive Behaviour Intervention (IBI) based therapy services

Centre-based individualized services

Home-based individualized services

Social Skills development groups

Communication skills development groups

Speech therapy

Occupational Therapy

Functional Behaviour Analysis


Parent/Caregiver/Siblings consultation services

Parent/Caregiver/Siblings training services

Parent/Caregiver/Siblings support groups

Respite Care services


Professional training and mentoring for Special Educators, and other school staff to support inclusive education

Professional trainings in usage of screening tools for professionals

Promote research in the field of autism spectrum disorders(ASD)

Serve as a resource centre for books, toys, therapeutic tools, and lending libraries

Customized materials and resources for ASD and ABA

Spread awareness in the community in regards to the different abilities of individuals with ASD

Simmi Santha

M.A., M.Phil., ABA Cert

A registered Rehabilitation Practitioner, Simmi is an experienced ABA provider who has been serving the differently abled for more than twenty years. She was the gold medalist in her Bachelor’s degree in Mental Retardation program. She completed her Master’s degree in Psychology and Master of Philosophy in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work (MPhil.). She is a certified ABA therapist. She has worked with differently abled individuals and their families in various capacities and settings in India, USA, and Canada. She has served as a Special Educator, a Special School Principal, a Habilitation Specialist, a Program Coordinator, an Intensive Behaviour Interventionist, a Supervising Therapist, and as a Behaviour Consultant. Simmi was the first recipient of the Reeta Peshawaria- Menon fellowship award. She has authored a parent training manual for parents of individuals on the autism spectrum.

Dr. Desh Keerti Menon

Dr. Menon is a Clinical Psychologist by training. He was active in the fields of Mental Health, Disability Rehabilitation, and Intellectual Disability. His professional career began in 1971 until he sought retirement in 2011. During 2000-2011 he was Principal Clinical Psychologist, Community Health Team, Specialist Learning Disability Psychological Service, Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK. For approximately 16 years from 1984 up to 2000, Dr. Menon was Director of the National Institute for the Mentally Handicapped, Manovikas Nagar, Secunderabad-500 009, Andhra Pradesh. He was Senior Research Officer, Division of Non-Communicable Diseases, Indian Council for Medical Research, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi, from 1981 to 1984. His areas of interest have been Applied Behaviour Analysis in Challenging Behaviours, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Anger, Anxiety and Depression; Dialectic Behaviour Therapy for persons with Personality Disorders; Aging and Dementia in Down’s Syndrome, Assessment for Capacity to give Consent, Rights and Equal Opportunities for persons with Intellectual Disability; Individual and Group training on Friendship and Relationship for Persons with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. His hobbies are hiking, trekking, cycling, and reading.

Kiran Pothula

Kiran Pothula, an Elementary School Teacher, experienced in teaching all levels from Early Years to High School, has been practicing delivering an integrated program for students with special needs. She has a Masters Degree in Science as well as a Masters Degree in Education. She is also a certified ABA therapist and has been practicing ABA, in an integrated model with daily school life . Kiran has planned behaviour programs for her students and has worked with transitioning the Early Years students into school. She has conducted several sessions for Parents and also has run many Parent/Child sessions to help them be aware of the many strategies that help children with behaviour and also transitioning. Kiran strongly believes that as much as individual therapy is important, integration is equally important. She engages in ongoing Professional Development to update herself. Kiran is exploring and experimenting the different models of integration, with the support of professionals, parents and her colleagues.

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